Guide to Baby Shower Event Planner

Planning, organizing and hosting baby shower event for the first time can be the most entertaining time of your life and you can do it yourself quite well. So, besides hiring a professional Baby Shower Event Planner – Baby Shower success lies in the way your tasks are executed by you (or the planner) for whatever event style you needed.

How important is a baby shower party event?

Before starting the preparations you must understand the importance of a shower party for the expectant family.

Baby showers are important as they prepare parents for the due arrival of a new family member in their life. It also acts as a celebration time for the rejoicing parents with joy and excitement as they are about to enter parenthood with new bundle of joy in their family.

Being a first time baby shower event planner may seem daunting but it can also be extremely pleasurable and rewarding. The key lies in the planning and management of the event.

It may sound difficult to execute it with all the possible questions and pressure mounting high on you, as a first time shower planner. But with a little help and good organizational skills you can not only manage a great show for the present baby shower, you could even become a professional baby shower event planner yourself.

Many event planners or started off by organizing for family and friends and then realized how much they enjoyed it. Now let’s get started.

Baby Shower Event Theme

First of all, define the theme of the baby shower. The theme could be of various kinds such as animal baby shower theme, cartoon baby shower theme or holiday shower theme, depending upon which you would add more flavor of fun into the event. Make sure the theme is in accordance with the mother’s character.

Theme Color

The theme will also decide the decorations to be chosen and the invitation cards to be sent. The color used for decoration purpose should also be well in sync with the theme. You can preferably opt for bright yet sober color decorations for the occasion.

The color choice should be such that it has a soothing effect and colorful reflect on the theme. Also, make sure you choose your invitation cards wisely. Go for cards which are innovative and reflect the happiness of being parents for the first time. Arrange for a proper list of friends and relatives for the invitations, well in advance.

Theme Cake Design

Make sure the theme for your party is conveyed to them in advance as well. Deciding on a perfect cake for the shower is another task which requires attention. Make sure the cake you have ordered for is again in compliance with the theme and color of the event.

The design of the cake should not be too ordinary. Even a shower cake may involve certain amount of theme running into it. You can ask for a baby shower cake either from a nearby bakery or you can prepare one yourself. Make it in the shape of bunny rabbit, butterfly, teddy bear or anything else which is cute in its appearance. Good colors include yellow, blue or strawberry.

The cake should always appeal to the mother. To sum up just keep in mind, that the baby shower event is all about fun and happiness and is an occasion to remember for a lifetime. Being a first time baby shower event planner- baby shower power is in your hands!

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