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An event is the beginning
of a lifetime of memories

MGM is a professional event planner Sydney who understand that customised event styling, an event should be managed to the finest detail, considering the guest’s experience and stylised to reflect the aura of the host.

Designing a bespoke function should be a seamless, guided and holistic process that culminates in the ultimate transformation of ideas and desires into reality.

MGM understands how important an event may be to the host, ensuring end-to-end support and co-ordination around-the-clock, regardless the type or scale of the event.

Our years of experience in stylising and planning diverse array of events to custom requirements have prime us to be your solution to your event needs.

Our Event Planner Services

include but are not limited to:

Designer floristry solutions for functions including weddings, funerals and corporate settings


Wedding stylising and facilitation


Co-ordination of ad-hoc services through or broad spectrum of supplier relationships, including catering, hiring of venues, equipment and decoration


Major events such as birthdays, baby showers and kitchen-teas


Styling venues to establish decorative, creative settings for any function


High quality of fresh flowers, a variety of designs and styles.


Funeral planning and post-funeral memorial functions.

Contact us for a commitment-free quote and discussion about bringing to life the event you have in mind. For MGM, designing an event is a function in itself – and we accompany you every step of the way.

director’s word

MGM Events offer a variety of services to cater to any occasion.

From designer weddings to the perfect baby shower, corporate functions to kitchen-teas, our professional and talented team can help create the perfect day for you!

Our 30 years of floristry experience alongside our many years of involvement in the event planning and styling industry make us a valuable addition to your special day.

We are passionate about flowers, beautiful weddings and everything in between

and we love to share our passion with our loyal customers
For us, designing an event is a function in itself and we would love to accompany you every step of the way. From your first drawing board plans right through to your special day, we would love to be your first point of call. You know if you choose us for your next event, you will have the perfect day and not have to stress about a single thing!

From high-quality fresh flowers to styling beautiful venues, who doesn’t love a wedding? With the gorgeous gown and the delicious cake just as a starting point, we understand that weddings can take a lot of planning and pressure, so why not let us take some of the stress away!

At MGM Events we are planners and stylists, and weddings are our most popular events, so you know if you choose us, you’re choosing the experts in the business. From start to finish, we will be there every step of the way to make sure you and your loved ones have the perfect day. We offer personal contact with the bride and groom from the very beginning until the wedding day. We will happily plan every detail of your event to create a dream come true for you.

We can coordinate caterers, find you the perfect venue and organise decorations, just to name a few of our specialties. We believe that an event is the beginning of a lifetime of memories, and that couldn’t ring more true than with the sound of those wedding bells!


At MGM Event, we understand how important an event is for the host, so we offer end-to-end support and around-the-clock coordination.

Whether you’re hosting an exciting 21st birthday party or a large-scale corporate function, we can be your help and support to ensure it all runs smoothly, no matter what type or scale of event you’re hosting.


Event planning and styling is our passion, and we love to see happy hosts after we’ve helped plan and facilitate their function.

An event is a special day and we love helping to create the most memorable one for you and your guests.

Our years of experience styling all kinds of events, which include custom requests, make us the perfect solution to all of your function needs.


We believe that an event should be managed to the finest detail, considering not only the guests, but also the host’s aura to ensure that their personality flows through into the occasion.

We love all of the different hosts we meet, and we love customising events to be the perfect fit for you!


What sets us apart from the rest is our ability to fine tune your event to show everyone who you are and what you love.

If you’re looking for an event with a creative and different flair, then look no further! We don’t fall into the stock standard event style, instead, we like to style different and creative functions to suit any occasion and personality.

Through our one-on-one interactions and discussions about what you’d like your event to be, we can take all of the information and turn it into something spectacular for you.


To continue our passion for producing the perfect event, we also offer to coordinate the services required for your function, such as catering, hiring of venues, equipment and decoration.

Throughout our many years on the scene, we have built a vast array of loyal and dedicated suppliers who would love to help out with your day. We really do know the best of the best, so let us share our knowledge with you!

Whether you have a very specific wedding cake in mind or you have a dream birthday party that you would like to organise, we will know the right people for the job to turn your dreams into a reality.

At MGM Events, we offer a wide variety of services. Whether you need designer floristry services for a wedding, funeral or corporate event, or even someone to create and style a theme for you, we are here to help. Our many years of experience make us a perfect fit to any occasion and any host, so why not contact us for a commitment-free quote and discussion about bringing your perfect event to life?

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