Wedding Stylist

Looking for someone to help you Style your BIG day?

Our stylists have over 10 years experience with turning a brides vision into reality.

MGM wedding stylists can help as little or as much as you need. If your super organised and DIY-inclined we can support you on the day. Maybe you have decided you would rather enjoy your memorable wedding day relaxing, sipping on champers with family and friends. Leave the setting up, co-ordination and packing down to someone you can depend on.

If your stuck for design ideas we can help focus on a few key elements that are super important to the both of you. For example you may want a simple heart shaped arbour, hanging florals or an oversized neon signage. Throw your budget at this an make it a memorable feature, then keep the rest minimal and refined.

If you have too many ideas. Your pinterest board is overflowing with pins. We can help you get started and bring those wonderful elements together to create an amazing day.

When it comes to weddings and events. We can help relieve the pressure. We can do the time consuming, detail related jobs so you can focus on where to sit aunty Ester. Because if she is too close to uncle Peter, there might be a scary altercation.

Here are some things we could help you with.

  • Clarify your vision
  • Organise your ideas and help develop a theme
  • Organise ceremony, furniture, props, florals or festoon lighting as required
  • Negotiating the Venue or Location
  • Source specific items for you on request
  • On the day set up and styling
  • On the day coordinator
  • On the day pack-down your styling
  • Avoid disaster like rain and execute our backup plan
  • Logistics for guests and or wedding furniture items

There are a number of reasons we have been called on before. These range from last minute stress because you don’t have your 50 x multi height birch tree tea light candle holders yet. You don’t want to burden family members and friends or miss your special day because your doing too much yourself. Handling tight deadlines and handling the details is what we do best. If you think you need a little assistance, reach out to me to see if we are a good fit. If not, then I will do my best to refer you to someone that can help.

Basic Floral Package for 10 people $550

1x Bridal Posy Natural Stem Bouquet
2x Bridemaids Posy Natural Stem
1x Grooms Button Hole
2x Groomsmen Button Hole
2x Button holes Fathers
2x Pin Corsages Mothers

Bonus worth $180

1x Page boy – Button hole
1x Flower girl

And either one of the following

1x Small size posy
1x Basket with Rose Petals
1x Throw away bouquet

Upgrade Floral Package for 10 people $820

1x Bridal posy natural stem bouquet
2x Bridesmaids posy natural stem
1x Groom buttonhole
2x Groomsmen Button hole
2x Button holes Fathers
2x Pin corsages Mothers
1x Flower arrangement for Brides table
2x Flower arrangements for parents table

Bonus worth $240

1x Page boy buttonhole
1x Flower girl

And either one of the following

1x small size posy
1x basket with rose petals
1x Throw away bouquet
8x Candles

Isle Wedding Decoration


sean zane ryder

From a business perspective. Highly in tune with our needs and reliabe. Took care of everything and allowed us to relax and enjoy a fun and memorable party. Stunning floral stylist and AMAZING cake! Love your work and highly recommended.

Sean Ryder

I’ve never experienced events with such a sincere, unique and elegant decorative approach. Truly refined.

Andrew Osman

andrew osman
jacqui oshana

Wonderful display & also a beautiful different style to celebrate Mary’s baby shower, keep up the gorgeous work.

Jacqui Oshana-Ibrahim

As little or as much help with flowers, furniture, props, lighting, signs and custom design. To see what we can do for you. Book a free call with Mary here.


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