Event Styling

What is event styling?

First, let’s get an understanding of what it is MGM Events can do for your wedding. Event styling is an art form in which trained professionals decorate an event creating a visual identity for an occasion. They are also a great way to decrease your stress levels.

It can include the overall visual theme, seating arrangements, plants and flowers, lighting, graphic design, and more. Event design also has a lot to do with the functionality of the space. It is always good to ensure there is enough room for everyone while making sure the design ideas fit inside the visual theme of the occasion.

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2020 wedding styling ideas

When styling an event, particularly a wedding, our team aims to integrate fresh concepts and materials into the designs. In 2020, this can include ideas like lucite cake corners, viewfinder invitations, or an installation made of carefully folded paper and sugar airplanes, for example.

Weddings are a wonderfully happy and exciting time, and you want to replicate this aesthetic in the styling of an event to not only look beautiful but also impress your guests!

Innovative styling doesn’t have to exceed the budget, and we work closely with clients to ensure that costs do not blow out. Sustainable weddings are popular right now, with many people upcycling their wedding and committing to zero waste. This wedding trend includes ideas like resetting a family stone or heirloom as the engagement ring, sourcing locally grown food, and repurposing ceremony florals.

This idea flows on well to the trend of the micro wedding. Everyone is conscious of saving money with those home deposit prices rising, so an invite only, 40 people, or less event is never a bad idea. Think of it as an exclusive party with a celebration that delivers big.

This means you can raise the budget per guest, adding bespoke touches, and more elaborate meals. This is perfect for introverts or those wanting a truly memorable event with a smaller group of loved ones.

Let’s talk about the food

The trend for 2020, which continues on with the sustainability idea is a plant-based wedding! It makes sense as people want a day that is full of love and celebration to also be cruelty-free for animals. There are plenty of cost-efficient and delicious ways to have a plant-powered spread with attractive grazing tables of fruit, nuts, loaves of bread, and vegan cheeses.

Plant-based meats have also come a long way to the point where your guests will likely be unable to tell the difference. Perfect for the health and environmentally conscious and, of course, those who love animals! It is also very easy to cater to all dietary requirements on a plant-based menu.

Wedding styling colours

wedding colour

It is always a good idea to start planning your wedding with a colour scheme in mind. Pick your vibe or style first, then find a way to add some pop. 2020 colour wedding trends include a lot of neo mint, millennial pink also known as cassis, yellow, earthy undertones, and faded denim.

This idea flows through to your lighting, which is the surest way to ensure your wedding decor is noticed. 2020 sees people hanging installations to tube lighting and making significant use of LED bars.

You can even change up the lighting vibe of the party from dinner to dancing by adding a light or strings of fairy lights to a specific area. Candlelight is also still very much on-trend if you want to create an intimate and romantic aesthetic.

What about the bar?

wedding bar

For many people, the wedding is a time to let their hair down and have some fun. One of the most significant costs, as a result, can often be the bar tab. In 2020, self-serve bars are popular, and this means a little more than an esky in the corner.

Dress up the serving of a signature sip with a wall-mounted dispenser, a bar of pour-over drinks, and some specialty garnishes to make your unique wedding cocktail. You’ll also save money on the bartenders by roping some friends to keep an eye on things for an all-inclusive wedding!

How MGM Event can help you with
event styling and design

All of our events are customised for the occasion and managed to the finest detail. We work with you to understand your personality and the experience you want your guests to have. Our bespoke functions are seamless as our experienced team offers end-to-end support around-the-clock.

We have many years of experience across a range of events, from designer weddings to baby showers and corporate functions with 30 years of floristry and event planning and styling to ensure your special day is perfect.

We start with your drawing board plans and are your first point of call throughout the entire process until the last guest leaves. Our team will mitigate your stress and ensure you actually enjoy the day that is for you! We handle the sourcing of high-quality fresh flowers, the styling of the venue, food planning, and more to relieve the pressure that comes with planning such an important day.

MGM Events are planners and stylists who also happen to be some of the most revered experts in the business. We’re with you every step of the way to ensure you have the perfect day. Speak to us about making your dreams come true now.


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