How To Plan Your Next Party Event ?

How To Plan Your Next Party Event ?

The time has come for you to start planning that party, but do you know where to start? Start by looking for the best party event planner.

Whether it is for a graduation, first birthday party, 21st, or even just a group gathering for your family and friends, all parties require the same event management and party planning skills.

Why not use a party planning checklist to ensure that everything goes smoothly? Even without event management experience, you can still throw an enjoyable and unforgettable party together.

Before doing anything though, consider drafting your master plan first. Good thing we have done most of the hard work for you. Below is a party planning list you will be able to follow step by step so that you don’t miss a single thing for the big day.


Party Event Planner List


  1.       Pick a date for the party event 

Keep a date or two in mind, but don’t narrow yourself down to just one. You want your most important guests to come so it is important to be flexible with the date. Plus, if you have a favourite venue you want to make sure it is available for hire on your selected day.


  1.       Determine your budget for the party event

If you want to go all out for your party event, it will cost around $30-60 per person. But most venues work on a ‘minimum spend’. This means that you will need to commit to spending the required amount over the course of the night – normally on food and drinks.

But do not spend a single cent until you have worked out your budget. You still have to pay your bills and feed your family after the party so plan your budget wisely. Consider the following when allocating costs:

–  Invitations

–  Cake and food

–  Drinks

–  Entertainment

–  Decorations and balloons

–  Signage

–  Party venue


  1.       Choose a theme for the party

When you choose your theme endeavour to get all details theme related. This includes invitations, decorations and even food. Perhaps even ask your guests to dress for the theme. If you are planning a birthday party for your child, children often choose a favourite cartoon character, toy or game. The possibilities are endless, but it is time to get creative. Some ideas to get you started are:

–  Afternoon tea for little girls

–  Flashback to the 80s for adults

–  Have everything a particular colour like pink, red, purple, etc

–  Formal for adults

–  Cocktail party for adults

Always remember to keep your budget in mind. The more elaborate your party the more dollar signs you’ll see. But with some outside-the-box thinking you can find ways to reduce costs. 

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  1.       Choose a venue

Did you know that 69% of event planners choose venues based on word of mouth recommendations? So, it might be an idea to ask your friends and family if they have been to any venues they would recommend. At the end of the day though, the number of guests, theme, entertainment and length of your party dictate the venue you settle on.

When you book a venue it is important to find out the parking situation for your guests, when the liquor licence ends, if underage guests can attend and how you are allowed to decorate the space.

If your budget allows there is the option of hiring a restaurant area or party venue. But if your budget is on a tight rein you can save money by having your party at home or look at options around your area such as a park.

Is there enough space inside or outside? And do you have an area that will be safe for your guests as well as your ornaments and furnishings? You don’t want to spend the entire party checking your guests are not breaking that inherited crystal vase.


  1.       Organise entertainment

Particularly if you are planning a large party and have a decent budget you will want to take advantage of entertainment, be it a DJ, band, magician, bouncy castle or laptop filled with party tunes. While it might seem obvious, you will need to check with the venue that it can accommodate DJ equipment and perhaps has audio-visual capabilities so you can display that fun slideshow of the guest of honour’s life and funny moments.

Just remember to stick to your budget allocation for entertainment before you book the DJ or magician.


  1.       Order supplies for party events

Think about the supplies you will need planning your party. You might be a busy parent and don’t have time to make the invitations and decorations so consider hiring someone to do this or persuading a friend to help. Don’t plan to do everything yourself if you do not enjoy crafts, or by the time the party hits you will be at the end of your tether. Do not leave it all to the last minute either.

And never ever forget the birthday cake. Whether you make one yourself or buy one ensure you have candles and a lighter or matches handy. You will need plates or serviettes to serve the cake on, as well as cups and serving platters. And if you are hosting at a venue you might want signage to direct your guests to the private area.

What is a party without balloons? A classic birthday party item but still a nice touch, balloons must be disposed of properly once the party is over.

Do not forget tables and chairs, otherwise your guests will be sitting and eating on the floor. If the event is outside and you have to hire the tables and chairs, consider adding heaters to your order too, especially if the party is in the cooler months.


  1.       Order food

If your party is at a venue you might want to organise a food package with the company. But if you are organising your own food ensure you pre-order your cakes, cupcakes, pies, etc at least one week before the party.

Always consider your guests’ needs. Do your guests have allergies or special dietary requirements? If you are taking charge of the cooking, create a menu that is easy to prepare and that will accommodate all guests.

And there we have it, a complete list of all the necessary ingredients that go into organising a party. Lots to do, isn’t it? If you can’t wrangle your time efficiently you may run into trouble.

Hiring Party Event Planner

So, why not consider hiring party event planner for birthday party planning? MGM Event is a professional party event planner who will keep the planning on track and have the event running smoothly. Plus, you want the event to be the best and one that all your guests remember.

Calling in the professionals will mean you have someone to manage the time, budget, guest list, venue, caterers, suppliers and more. Let them do the hard work that they thrive on so much while you decide what you are going to wear.

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