Wedding Planner Sydney: The Challenges of a Perfect Wedding

Wedding Planner Sydney: The Challenges of a Perfect Wedding

Getting engaged and planning a wedding should be a time of celebration. But as exciting and meaningful as it often is, it is also stressful. You might expect it to be the happiest time of your life. When it isn’t, you could feel disappointed, confused and overwhelmed. This is when you need the professional wedding stylist  wedding planner in Sydney.  to help with your wedding decoration and wedding event styling

There are some very genuine reasons why big life events, like planning a wedding, can be very distressing. It is no small endeavour. From creating the guest list to picking the menu, there are so many things to do. It is not all fun and games.

All that said though, it is possible to find ways to enjoy the process and concentrate on what is important – your love and upcoming marriage. That is why we have taken the time to give you some tips, a wedding planner checklist, if you like – so that you can hold onto that pre-wedding calmness and stay focussed on the prize: your wedding day.


Managing your time

Regardless of how long your engagement is and how long you have to save for, planning your wedding is a big investment of your time. There is a never-ending wedding list of things to buy and decisions to make – the venue, guest list, dress and décor, to name just a few. And then those decisions will be broken down into more decisions, so that when you think you have crossed one thing off your list you will add one or two more. It may feel like you are never making any progress.  

So, while it might seem daunting at first, come up with a detailed to-do list and timeframes. Be pragmatic about what you have to get done and how long each step takes. Include all those smaller decisions such as the colour of your flowers, how many you want, where you want them, etc. And remember to be realistic about the progress you have made too!


Managing your budget

Whether you are having an extravagant affair or more intimate gathering, the cost of a wedding can be one of your biggest stressors, but also the most important. You will need to know who is paying for what especially if you receive a little financial lift from your parents.

Keeping track of all the financial details can be challenging, especially if you are not an accountant or Excel whiz. Your budget will need to be divided up amongst numerous vendors.

And ensure that you and your partner are on the same page with your wedding budget. It is a good idea to sit down with your fiancée (as well as parents if they are contributing to the budget) to talk about the budget.

It is important to be in agreement from the very beginning and not halfway through the preparations. You do not want to be hit with bills that are too large to handle or spending all your life savings in one hit.  

Be upfront with vendors about how much you can spend and remember that you do not need to have a big wedding for it to be meaningful and beautiful.


Choosing your bridal party

You will probably start thinking about all the friends and family you want in your bridal party as soon as you get engaged. But not so fast! One of the biggest issues that brides have is keeping their bridal party happy. Before you commit, take some time to think about the people you want supporting you and standing up at the altar with you.

Consider how their personalities will mesh and if they can potentially find common ground during the planning stages. Be sure to choose your bridal party wisely!


Decide how many guests to invite

Do you want a small, intimate wedding or lavish event? You might have your heart set on the former but once you start listing off your friends, family and co-workers you might realise you are in for something bigger. But be mindful of how many people you can afford to invite and be sure of the type of wedding you want before you commit to your guest list.

Your average wedding for 100 to 200 guests can range anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000, and that does not always include your vendors outside of the venue and catering.


Create your team of vendors

You might have a clear idea of how you want things done but tracking down the right suppliers to turn your dreams into reality is not easy. Do your research and do it thoroughly. For example, if you are choosing a venue, look through their portfolio, read reviews, check out their social media and meet the venue’s staff in person. You will be spending a lot of money on your suppliers’ services, so you want to know you have hired the best for your needs.

The first vendor you need to focus on is your venue. You might want to visit quite a few before making your final decision. Plus, it is important to have a few wedding dates in mind, just in case your favourite venue is booked on your first date choice.

Then you need to think about a photographer. You are going to have your wedding photos for life. Your grandchildren and even great grandchildren will want to see them. So be sure to narrow down on a photographer that shoots the style you envisage for your wedding day. And your third vendor is your DJ or band. There is no music or party without either of these. 

And then you need to book a florist. Flowers are not cheap, so ensure you account for them in your budget.


Decide on your catering

As with your venue, ensure you book your caterers as early as possible because the best caterers are often fully booked during the sunnier times of the year. Most have a large range of menu options, whether you want a traditional three-course lunch or dinner, shared platter style menu, trendy BBQ or buffet.

Just be sure to find out your guests’ dietary requirements so that you can cater for all.


Who is going to do the work on the big day?

There is certainly a whole lot of work that goes into planning a wedding but let’s not forget about the day itself. Unless you have a venue, who is going to set up the furniture, meet with your suppliers and deal with any last-minute crises? What if it is raining and your wedding is outdoors? What if you have power outages?

Unless you have thought about potential last-minute mishaps perhaps it is worthwhile investing in a wedding planner.


Why invest in a wedding planner?

 No matter how organised you are, wedding planners like MGM Events are invaluable. They might just be one of the best investments you make leading up to your big day. 

Take the morning of your wedding day, for example. Do you want to be relaxing, getting ready with a champagne in hand? Or do you want to be dealing with an emergency call trying to track down your missing wedding cake?

Wedding Planner Sydney

Wedding planners take care of such scenarios, all day every day. From last minute venue changes to unexpected guest arrivals, MGM Events, wedding planner Sydney, has dealt with it all. 

And do not worry about the investment of a wedding planner either. MGM Events has years of experience maximising wedding budgets and will assist you to divide your finances properly. Our wedding planners have connections and know which suppliers will best suit your budget.

We will assist you with all the nitty gritty jobs such as creating and delegating your budget and developing your guest list. Using a thorough run sheet, we will detail how your big day will run from beginning to end.

There is absolutely no need to feel overwhelmed thinking about all the hundreds of tasks you need to fulfil for an amazing wedding. MGM Events will take away the pressure and responsibility from you and your partner, so that all you have to do is enjoy the wedding you have been dreaming about.


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