Tips for Hiring a Corporate Event Planner in Sydney

Tips for Hiring a Corporate Event Planner in Sydney

Corporate events are a great way to network, grow your business and impress clients – IF they are run well. A bad event can have the opposite effect, doing more harm than good for your company.

If you have tried to run an event before, you know how hard they can be to execute efficiently. If you don’t know what you are doing, forget to organise or account for specific things or simply put in a small amount of effort, the event will likely be a waste of everyone’s time. To avoid this, most businesses hire Corporate Event Management Companies to ensure things run smoothly.

This presents a different issue – how do you find the right company for the job? You need a corporate events planner who knows the industry while also knowing what they’re doing. They have to pull together an event that will impress all in attendance (including you).

When it comes to corporate events in Sydney, MGM Events are the experts, so we’ve pulled together some tips to help you find the right corporate events planner for your business below.

What does a corporate events planner do?


A corporate events planner is actually the culmination of a number of different industries. They take care of all the cogs that turn to make your event a success. Their job is to lower your stress levels and free you up before and during the event to ensure you can perform your role as the host.

The task they will perform can include:

  • Creating and managing the budget
  • Coming up with creative ideas to ensure your event is unique
  • Planning the time, location, and schedule
  • Tickets (if necessary) including cost and how they’ll be sold
  • Organisation of partners, vendors, suppliers and sponsors
  • Coordination of marketing 
  • Venue setup
  • Managing the team of staff 
  • Organising equipment such as projectors and audio gear
  • Monitor the event while it is happening to ensure everyone is satisfied and it is running smoothly

These are all tasks that you would need to handle yourself, so an event management professional will save you time, plus likely have far more experience in how to ensure a level of quality for each task.

The benefits of using Corporate Event Management Companies


Event management professionals usually work on a contract-by-contract basis; this means you do not have to hire them as staff, purely just as a one-off for your event. Once you understand the type of event you’re looking to run, your chosen corporate events planner can help you design it, providing a range of realistic ideas that will help take your event from good to great.

The biggest benefit here is the saving of your time. You likely have another job role to worry about, and your time at the event should be used as a host. You need to be entertaining clients and networking, not ensuring the food is right, and speakers are on time.

There are also the steps before this to consider, namely the communication items to ensure people actually attend the event! The management of invitations and other event materials, event registration and RSVPs require particular management to ensure the heads come through the door when they are meant to.

Finally, there are so many different tasks to consider and manage during an event, the last thing you want to do is forget about one. An event planner knows the checklist, and you get peace of mind in knowing that everything is taken care of.

How to find the right corporate events planner


The main elements you want to look out for when choosing your corporate events planner are knowledge, skill, and passion. While being able to exhibit a quality portfolio is paramount, you’ll want to ensure they have examples of general knowledge, strategy, tools, and metrics. 

Are they aware of your industry? Are they confident they can organise a quality event that keeps to your budget?

The safest bet is hiring a well-established, renowned firm with a proven track record. The right firm should be able to confidently tell you what you need. If they can’t take charge and run the organisation of your interview, how will they run your event? You are hiring this company to tell you the things that you don’t know about successful event management, so ensure that they can!

Your corporate events planner contract


If you have decided to hire your event planner on a contractual basis, ensure that everything is agreed upon and signed before you commence any work with the company. (Consider it a red flag if the planner or firm doesn’t also want this). Read your contract with them carefully, including the fine print, and even have a legal professional go over the details if you can.

Understand any relevant insurance information, fees and terms of your working relationship and any other vital stipulations that are relevant to your event.

Looking for a high-quality corporate events planner in Sydney?


MGM Events is a professional event planning company based in Sydney who understands that a quality and successful corporate event is managed to the finest detail.

Every event is important and should deliver a positive return on investment for the business that is running that. This simply will not happen if you have a poorly planned and run event; we work to ensure you avoid that situation.

With complete end-to-end support and coordination around-the-clock, no matter the type or scale of the event, our planners offer years of experience and the ability to fulfil a range of custom requirements to ensure that your next corporate event is your best yet. Speak to us today, and let’s plan the most exceptional event you’ve ever had.


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